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Workflow Design & Problem Solving Delivered through Axure Prototyping

Branding and relationship building drive quality and standards. Able to prioritize and coordinate efforts within a team while mentoring, monitoring, and sharing responsibility for deliverables has been daily activity for the majority of my career.

—Kenn Lucas

I had reached out to Kenn for some feedback on what are the key watch points to design the best user experience. He immediately took the time and wrote a very thorough document with questions and points to help us think about the problem holistically.
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—Yichen Feng, AutoZone, Inc.

Beyond a production level, I push team collaboration with attention to detail in layout and mastery of wordsmithing as priorities of UI design. Obsessing over detail of on-screen messaging and uniform delivery of information creates a better impression and greater strength of brand, and is the basis of providing memorable and efficient user experiences that build loyalty and instill confidence in brand.


I pride myself in the unique quality of being able to design architecture, intuitively plan mobile and web workflow, and to prototype designs with a mastery of Axure and user experience best practices. Also in producing visual design through the Adobe Suite with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; along with as-needed use of Sketch App, InVision, and other industry tools. A past-life in user support and sales allows me to connect and empathize with users on many levels and to help them visualize and communicate their goals. A fascination and inherent ability with better practices allows me to bring those goals to life through effective and efficient methodologies. After more than fifteen years in the web and mobile design industry, planning user interaction is one of my core strengths.

Design Process

Basic Overall Process

Design Process

Detailed Process Outline

Design Process


His creativity and passion are extremely strong assets. He enjoys his work tremendously and this is abundantly clear in the quality of work he produces.

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—Jack Beck, The Global Forum on MSM and HIV

He is unique in that he posses strong design skills as well as the ability to bring it all together on the technical side. He is very organized and hesitant to deliver anything that does not live up to his standards.

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—Charles Goran, Mondo Robot

His technical capabilities coupled with his outstanding talent for creative design made the entire project effortless for me.
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—David Saliba, iGATE Capital

Kenn nailed it with the first "comp". He is extremely creative and knew just how to enhance the overall look of the site as well as streamline the content.

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—Kathleen Fitzgerald, Les Clefs d’Or USA


I am a visual graphic designer with a flair for workflow design and human factors. I grew up in Pittsburgh and spent many years in Colorado and traveling the US. Some of my adventures include buying a new truck to avoid paying a $15 delivery fee for dirt, a post-Thanksgiving dinner decision to drive 12 hours to Vegas, spending a summer installing toilet tissue around the country, and once, being nearly killed by a pizza.

  • Lives in a black t-shirt.
  • Movie buff.
  • Trivia nut.
  • Dislikes stickers on fruit.
  • Storyteller.
  • Photographer. Guy with Camera.
  • Sports fan.
  • Plays hidden object games.
  • Cooks Eats.
  • Obsesses about on-screen messaging.
  • Doesn't like his back to the room.
  • Believes the Joneses are probably wrong.
  • Hates whistling.
  • Food truck fanatic.
  • Loves whiteboards.
  • Dislikes buzzwords.
  • Pittsburgh born and raised.
    (probably don't ask about that unless you have some free time)

Still the typical guy, I remain crazy about sports, my car, and good friends. I have a passion for photography, food, boomboxes, movie quotes, and the 80s. I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.


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Kenn was able to expand my knowledge base and understanding greatly. He is flexible, willing to change his agenda to meet the needs of the moment. He is reliable and a good communicator.

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—Carol Weber, University of Pittsburgh

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